Chounouryoku sousakan Nagysa RJ01005380 Save Data

Chounouryoku sousakan Nagysa RJ01005380 Save Data


Please note

We specialize in the aftermath of horrific scenes after a woman has been sexually victimized by rape or forced sexual intercourse.

Please note that this is different from normal sex scenes.

This animation depicts the scene of a girl’s horrific aftermath after she has been raped.


Nagisa interviews a suspect in a heinous serial rape case. She is a psychic who is able to slip into the memory of the perpetrator.

She traces the memory of the murderer and clarifies the case.

However, the leprechaun scene is repeated over and over again.

Each time she relives it, her body also develops …….

Will she be able to hunt down the killer without being addicted to the pleasure?

H scene

This is an animated scene in which a girl relives the experience of being a victim of rape.

It is specialized in the aftermath of a girl’s sexual victimization.


Suspect: Suspect in a heinous serial rape case.

Nagisa: A psychic investigator who can enter memories, but seems to be a novice when it comes to sexual matters.

Sakura: A college student who loves the occult, but seems to have little caution when it comes to men.

Misaki: A girl who looks good with a short cut, longs for a romantic date.

Rin: A cool girl of few words, but she also has a lonely side.

Yona: A bright and innocent girl, always smiling and popular with everyone around her.

Nanami: A girl who is an underground idol and hopes to one day become a very popular idol.

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