Lost/uniform suiei bu hen RJ01006958 Save Data

Lost/uniform suiei bu hen RJ01006958 Save Data


That “humiliation ritual” is back.

Mizuho Hamano” is a third-year student at the International Women’s Medical University.
She was such an excellent swimmer that she was chosen as the new captain of the swimming team.
However, things change quickly.

I knew there was something wrong…it’s not even in my locker.”

Mizuho’s precious swimming suit for the competition is missing.
She was sure she had put it in her bag after the previous day’s competition.

No one would steal a used swimsuit like that, right?

A few days later, an e-mail arrived at the university.
We are taking care of your precious swimming suit. Please contact us.
It was from a woman who had picked up the swimsuit.
Mizuho was filled with relief and immediately contacted the person who had found it.

They agreed to meet later that day, and Mizuho went to a small café where they were to meet.

Mizuho, this way, this way. Are you surprised? Surprise!

Waiting for her there was Miho Narita, the former captain of the swimming club who had just retired the other day.
Yes, it was Miho who had Mizuho’s swimsuit.
Miho suggested that Mizuho, who was sweating, drink some water.

A few minutes later, Mizuho is struck by severe drowsiness and dizziness. 。。。。。


The numerous humiliations she is subjected to by the senior swim team members and her advisor.
Appetizers, soups, boissons…… and the banquet moves on to the main ‘ritual’.
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