Kuroa scramble RJ01007737 Save Data

Kuroa scramble RJ01007737 Save Data


The version has been revised and updated to ver1.05!

If you have ver1.0~ver1.03, please re-dl it.

Fixed some fatal bugs that made progress impossible.
Fixed other specifications that were getting in the way of releasing H-scenes.

Please see Ci-en’s bug fix article for detailed fixes.

(To transfer the save, simply move the [www] folder → [save] folder into the [www] of ver1.05.)

What is ⚡Croat x Scramble?

The main character, Croat, crawls up in the city where he was left behind!

And the mysterious convenience store clerk, Aroma, gets into trouble too…?

Both of them are pregnant and have H status ✨.


She is “S class agent” Tsukikage Chlore.

She is the highest ranking ability holder and the pocket sword of the special agency “LUNA”.

One day, she is ordered to escort an important person.

She carries out her duties as usual, but suddenly a man in a black suit with a strange atmosphere attacks her.

She is helplessly defeated by an enemy who can neutralize any attack.

He is summoned to the command room, where he is blamed for the failure of his mission, stripped of his S-class license, and ordered to move to the provinces.

Having lost his illustrious position, Croat is left with no other choice but to take his own life,

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Kuroa scramble RJ01007737” and use it.

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