Monster black market kanzen ban RJ01022169 Save Data

Monster black market kanzen ban RJ01022169 Save Data


Game Outline

The player decides to accept the confidential proposal of “Amilia,” one of the heads of the continent’s largest criminal organization.
She entrusts the player with the management of her territory and decides to test the player’s skills through the operation of a monster farm and a slave brothel, where monsters and slaves are raised.
The deadline for fate is 50 days.
During that time, if the player successfully manages the territory and satisfies her by making a profit, he will be able to proudly join the continent’s most prestigious criminal organization, a long-held dream.
#This product is a version that includes DLC.

Game Features

The slave and the monster mate and the slave becomes pregnant.

When pregnant slaves give birth to baby monsters, they can sell them to earn money.

You can milk the mother’s milk from a birthing slave to grow the slave’s status and gain various characteristics.

Slaves can be placed in brothels to exploit them to the limit, and prostitution profits can also be targeted.

Various slaves and monsters

Eight types of slaves and six types of monsters have different shapes and characteristics depending on their race.

Customize your slaves and create better “products”.

NPCs who help players manage their territories.

There are many support NPCs who can help players, and their support will make the business of darkness even more prosperous! If you get a good feeling, you can get a special

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Monster black market kanzen ban RJ01022169” and use it.

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