Kishi to sannin no juusha RJ01028083 Save Data

Kishi to sannin no juusha RJ01028083 Save Data


A lot of sex attacks on serious knights!

▼ Synopsis.
Georg, a knight of honest character, son of a lord.
He came to a village where a labyrinth appeared, accompanied by three squires.
However, the labyrinth in the village only allows to proceed.
Georg decides to explore the labyrinth alone with his squires,
A number of naughty events attack Georg, who decides to explore alone with his squire!

Various situations await you in the labyrinth.
You may be seduced by the squire, or you may be set up in a trap and have no choice….
Sometimes, you may even end up having sex with the enemy…?

Game Outline

▼Tale of a Tale
A labyrinth appears in a remote village,
A story colored with legend and intrigue.
Knight Georg and his three squires take on a great enemy.

▼ Searching ▼
The labyrinth search is an easy-to-use command format.
In each of the three squires’ labyrinths,
Many events await you.

▼ Combat ▼
Demons nest in the labyrinth.
Use strategies that match the characteristics of your followers,
the battle to victory.

There are multiple patterns of armor break pictures for each follower.

▼ Bases ▼
Weapons shop, apothecary, tavern, and inn.
At the base of the village, you will be greeted by unique villagers,
unique villagers will welcome you.

Collect materials dropped by demons to create equipment.
In addition, there are about 50 kinds of rare items found in the labyrinth.

Knights, warriors, dancers and priests.
The dark knight and his retinue waiting in the labyrinth.

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How To Insert Data ?
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