Duumuzudei/robottogaaru RJ01032903 Save Data

Duumuzudei/robottogaaru RJ01032903 Save Data



The postwar world was awful.

The harsh environment and the repeated witnessing of the most distorted aspects of humanity make even the most optimistic person lose the will to live.

No one would believe me. Then I met a girl who claimed to be a military robot named Emma. She asked me to come with her and said she would give me everything she had.

Emma was a freak who had no common sense, was always expressionless, and even said that sex was a stress reliever. She even initiated physical relations with me, saying she was “used to it.” ……

I wonder what she is going through and what she is hiding.

After being with Emma for a while, Emma’s expression gradually changed. The sadness in Emma’s eyes gradually became clearer and I began to enjoy being with her, forgetting for a while that I was still in the middle of my own destruction.

Suffering was approaching. Should I face it or run from it? The physical and emotional choice was difficult.

Could there really be hope in this hopeless end?

gameplay description

The game is a combination of exploration, basic combat, and training simulation.

Players can choose a location to “explore” at the beginning of the day, “chat” with Emma, and further interact with her through “physical contact”. The day.

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