Kousoku sentou erotic RPG el pith aigis RJ01041696 Save Data

Kousoku sentou erotic RPG el pith aigis RJ01041696 Save Data


Tight suits and combat erotic restraints!

Meg-chan, the heroine in a tight suit, is restrained during battle and is tormented with erotic toys and sexual harassment! It is a battle erotic RPG with standing picture erotica as the main subject.γ€€There is no or almost no real play with a rod player.

Basically, most of the scenes are erotic scenes with standing pictures during the battle.

Restraint attacks on all enemy characters!

The enemy tries to subdue Meg-chan with various restraints and restraint methods!

If she stays in the restraints, she will be further tortured with electric cords and tentacles!

(The boss character’s torture is even more severe!)

Various combat erotic status!

Each of the various enemy characters uses a different restraint method.

This provides for a variety of unfortunate defeat patterns.

Stage Introduction

Fantasy-like (?) stage with goblins, etc. Forest stage with enemies

A dungeon stage with a female researcher’s machine monsters

A wall stage with writhing tentacles.

Mainly consists of 3 stages

Escape game in captivity

Some events include an escape game part where you are restrained and have to escape through naughty traps!


Estimated playing time for all stages: 2 hours at most

The game was created using RPG Toolkit MV.


Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Kousoku sentou erotic RPG el pith aigis RJ01041696” and use it.

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