Kanemochi ojousama to yatsu gokko RJ01043759 Save Data

Kanemochi ojousama to yatsu gokko RJ01043759 Save Data



A sense of loss and frustration. I resigned from the company at the bottom of my heart, thinking that I was no longer of any use here.

But then, Liu Huixi, my boss, appeared in front of me with a suitcase.

“There’s a little situation, I can’t go home. Can you shelter me for a while ……?”

She was one of the reasons I left the company. I wanted to refuse her request, but my ingrained corporate guts prevented me from going against her wishes. So I decided to let her stay at my house for a while.

However, unexpectedly, she started to play “he-*s” with me, calling me “master,” stripping me of my clothes, and touching me. What the hell is going on!

But the more I spent time with her, the more I learned about a side of her that was different from her “boss” position. Her presence was not as traumatic as before, in fact, I even began to care about her and want to understand the real reason why she insisted on staying at my place. ……

As the memories piled up, my heart started to lean towards her…

◆Gameplay Method

There are four sessions per day, allowing players to explore the rooms in the house, take action, and find and interact with Huishie.

Actions are opened up as the plot unfolds and the number of interactions with Huishy increases.

The protagonist’s status, which accumulates after each action, determines the final outcome

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