Haramase! oshiri senmon ura casino (Secret Casino) RJ01054032 Save Data

Haramase! oshiri senmon ura casino (Secret Casino) RJ01054032 Save Data


Nice to meet you, I’m the dealer here, my name’s Hanoka.

If you’ve heard of this place then you probably know already, but allow me to explain.

At this casino you can partake in card games.

Please choose the game you wish to play.

At this casino, even if you earn points we don’t allow you to exchange them for cash.

Hehehe, that’s right, there’s many of them beyond this door.

We can allow you to entertain yourself with the butts you like in there.

Also I believe it’s only expected, but all of the butts are on the pill.

If you find yourself wanting to impregnate a butt,

then after purchasing the butt please make them stop taking the pill.

Should your male instincts come to fruition, and you magnificently make someone pregnant,

we’ll present you with pictures of the girl’s pregnant belly.

Of course it comes with DNA verification proving that it carries your genes.

Please collect points according to your tastes.

Well then, shall we have a match right away?

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