Mi ma no tou ni sumu joseitachi RJ01057532 Save Data

Mi ma no tou ni sumu joseitachi RJ01057532 Save Data


Background introduction.

-You are Herman, a knight of the church, and three years ago you were expelled from the church after being accused of fornication with a prostitute. Today, however, for one particular reason, you have been drafted back into the service…

Basic Setup.”

-This game is designed on a JRPG foundation.

During play, you will need to upgrade your weapons and skills to increase your own power.

-In the course of the game, you will meet 15 different female characters.

-They can be enchanted demons or subhumans. Many of them live in the Enchanted Tower for special reasons.

-And you, as a brave warrior commandeered by an angel, must defeat and take them out one by one to lessen the negative impact of the Enchanted Tower on the surrounding area.

-[The Dance of the Swarm Demons

-But after defeating them, the game will not automatically transfer you out of the Enchanted Tower.

-You will have to drag the boss you just defeated out of the tower, having lost the ability to run.

-And all of this takes place under the countdown system [Dance of the Swarm Demons].

-If you cannot escape before the “Dance of the Swarm Demons” occurs, your mission will fail immediately!


-There are 15 female characters in the game who can have sex with each other, and there are 7 different types of devices. There are a total of 105 different varieties!

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Mi ma no tou ni sumu joseitachi RJ01057532” and use it.

Download Save Data

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