Senka no sanzoku RJ01067853 Save Data

Senka no sanzoku RJ01067853 Save Data


Become a bandit and join the evil imperial army! A warlike dark fantasy RPG!

A man with no name, “Don” ……, is imprisoned for the crime of killing a knight.
Just as he was about to be executed, a “succubus” appeared in his prison.

An imperial sabotage agency …… disguised as a bandit.
If you work as its chieftain, you will be exempt from the death penalty. ……

Inside the prison, where the stench of decay wafts through the air,
The Don rides on the whispers of its demons.

[Please check the operation of the game.]
This work is created using “RPG Toolkit MV”.
Please make sure to check the operation by using the trial version.

All of the sex scenes in this work are “rape and humiliation (in a fantasy world)”.
If you are disgusted by such situations, please refrain from playing the demo version.
Please refrain from playing the demo version.

Also, please note that the H-scenes are voiced.
Please be careful of the volume when playing.

[Game Outline]
Screen size 1024 x 768
 Number of H-scenes: 80 or more

Combat is an orthodox command selection system.
 Encounters are symbol encounters.

Character enhancement is done through a gacha system.

 When you are looting as a bandit, you can get a gacha ticket by defeating or capturing a female character.
 By drawing gacha, you can see H-scenes, increase parameters, learn skills, etc.

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How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Senka no sanzoku RJ01067853” and use it.

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