Akuryou taisan! One ga~ i! shikishinsama RJ01072136 Save Data

Akuryou taisan! One ga~ i! shikishinsama RJ01072136 Save Data



Features of the work

This is a story about a good-natured and good-natured goddess, “Hatsune,” who exterminates evil spirits.
She exterminates the evil spirits in the haunted “Shikigoya,” the main stage of the game.
She exterminates evil spirits by exorcising them in a naughty way.

There is no battle at all, but mainly exploratory eroticism.
Each event and sex event has its own icon,
It is easy to explore and play quickly.

There are no horror elements, and the overall style is bright and comical.
(There are some evil spirits with dangerous tastes, and there is also an element of rape.)

Situations (soft evil spirits)

The evil spirits are all perverts with different tastes…
The cute goddesses are so excited!
They sexually harass, peep, humiliate, etc. to satisfy their own black desires,
They try to satisfy their own black desires by sexually harassing, peeping on, humiliating, and demanding all kinds of tricks and requests from the goddesses.

Situation (thankful exorcism of the color god)

Naturally, Hatsune-sama was not to be outdone.
She is not a goddess of color, and she charms the evil spirits with her beautiful and lustrous appearance.
She quenches their lust with her mouth, hands, voluptuous breasts, and glamorous female breasts.
The evil spirits will be wrapped up in a moment of sweetness, and they will be peacefully reborn.

Situations (Dangerous Evil Spirits)

In the second half of the story, the evil spirits’ desires escalate!
Uncontrollable urges bare their desires and male instincts!

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Akuryou taisan! One ga~ i! shikishinsama RJ01072136” and use it.

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