Densetsu no buki to bijin tsuma senshi! RJ01074717 Save Data

Densetsu no buki to bijin tsuma senshi! RJ01074717 Save Data


Legendary weapon and beautiful wife warrior!

A legendary weapon was to be presented to the winner of a fighting tournament held by a couple called the strongest warriors.
One man, lured by the legendary weapon and the charm of the beautiful wife warrior, charges into the arena…!

The password for the treasure chest where you can get various costumes and limited costumes is now being distributed at Ci-en!

How to play

Staff at the counter
You can do various things by talking to the staff at the counter at the entrance.
Things you can do
Participate in tournaments (battle with players)
Training in the game room
Shop at the item store

Cat in the room
You can change the girl’s name freely from the black cat in your room.
You can also move to the recovery and recollection room after a battle.

★Competing in Tournaments
When you enter a tournament, you will be in a turn-based battle with players.
If you win, you will receive money and can challenge the next player.
The main story progresses as you win the tournament.
Auto-battle is equipped, so even those who are not good at battles can easily play.

Training in the “Yari Room
You can enter the room by talking to the staff.
When you have sex with a girl in the room, your experience and status will increase.
If you think you can’t win in a tournament, train in the Yari Room!

You can train your attack power, HP, etc.

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Densetsu no buki to bijin tsuma senshi! RJ01074717” and use it.

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