Iede shoujo Aoi no haikyo dasshutsu RJ01080980 Save Data

Iede shoujo Aoi no haikyo dasshutsu RJ01080980 Save Data



Aoi Futaba (Aoi Futaba), an active JK, used to spend her junior high school days covered in studies at the behest of her parents.

However, upon entering high school, she rebelled against her parents. She ran away from home, and while wandering around town, she met Takeshi, a slightly bad friend.

Aoi gradually becomes friends with Takeshi and his friends Yoshihiro and Bu, and as she plays with them, Aoi’s redness is broken and she makes a debut as a lively high school student.

Aoi starts to skip school and her delinquent behavior becomes more and more noticeable.

One day, they plan to “get together at an abandoned building on the outskirts of town and have a drink together,

Takeshi brings a blond stranger with him and ………

▲ Escape and Rape

The friends, aroused by the drug, began to see Aoi as a sex object…

I want to fuck you… I want to fuck you…”

If she is caught by such men, she will be raped forcibly as much as her sexual desire and as much as she is a devil!

No matter if Aoi cries or collapses, they will never stop…


Futaba Aoi

She is a former sober girl who has made her debut as a high school student.

She used to be a serious girl who studied hard as her parents told her to.

When she became a high school student, she met her bad friend Takeshi, and under his influence, she went from being a simple girl to making her debut as a high school student.

As a reaction to her seriousness and hard work, she finds Takeshi and his friends’ bad games refreshing and enjoys them every day.

She is serious at heart and knows what she is doing is wrong, but she is always misbehaving with everyone else.


When Aoi runs away from home, Takeshi calls out to her.

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