Boku no kanojo to ya te miru? RJ01081159 Save Data

Boku no kanojo to ya te miru? RJ01081159 Save Data


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▼Game Outline

 A simulation of cuckoldry in which you guide your girlfriend to fuck your friend!

Real-time NTR SLG

 You are aware of the time (time passes without you doing anything),
 You have to make her “horny” by clicking on the screen or commands.

 Commands include talking to her, getting her drunk, using items, and so on.
 There are also important items (tricks) on the screen,
 By being aware of the timing and using them, you can influence her.
 If you do nothing and are stunned,
 she will fall asleep or go home, and the game will be over in no time!

 You need to get her in the mood and get her to insert your friend’s cock repeatedly before morning!


 Tonight is the night to get “her” to be held by her “friend”….

 Akitoshi” is a cuckold,
 His girlfriend “Minatsu” is an art college student and a hard-headed person,

 He wants to see her being cuckolded by another man!

 –He can’t suppress his shallow inferiority complex.
 When she talks to her childhood friend Haruki about it,

 Haruki said, “I understand.
 Haruki: “I should fuck Mika, right?”
 Akitoshi said, “Yes. Please do it.
 Haruki: “For real? Are you serious?
 Akitoshi: “I’m always serious.
 Haruki: “You…are crazy…”

 And so, the two idiots..,
 An evening with three people

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