Hajimete no kanojo wa yariman bi shoujo datta. RJ01082499 Save Data

Hajimete no kanojo wa yariman bi shoujo datta. RJ01082499 Save Data


▼ Synopsis.

Yota Sakuraba is in love with Natsuki Harumiya after an incident in the past.

Although he has barely spoken to her, he decides to confess his love to her.

He was given the OK even though it was a no-brainer!

Sakuraba, who was able to go out with the person she loved, is unable to resist her naughty temptations and falls into a promiscuous sexual life.


This is an RPG in which you will have sex with the heroine who became your girlfriend in various situations.

To find out her secret and get the best future, choose the right options and clear the events.


The virgin protagonist is seduced by his girlfriend, who leads him into a series of sex scenes.

The protagonist is passive at first, but he seeks her out himself in response to his own rising desires, and you will definitely be immersed in the echi-sex scene where the relationship strongly emerges!


In an empty classroom after school

In the restroom at school while keeping your voice down

When you wake up in the infirmary, you will find your girlfriend half-naked and you will be able to see her ……!

In the bathroom at school, while hiding my voice… I wake up in the infirmary to find her half-naked. ……

 The hero and heroine are also noted for where their feelings for each other lie, following the story leading up to the sex!

You may be able to have sex with the heroine every day!

A wide variety of events occur depending on the choices you make.

Not only erotic! The story is not only erotic, but also a gem of a story with laughter and tears that pulls the story together. ……, etc.


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After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Hajimete no kanojo wa yariman bi shoujo datta. RJ01082499” and use it.

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