Nozokimi no lensgoshi~ mokugeki shita kinpatsu no stranger RJ01087466 Save Data

Nozokimi no lensgoshi~ mokugeki shita kinpatsu no stranger RJ01087466 Save Data


Game Introduction

One ordinary day. As you board a sparsely populated train, your gaze is riveted on her. She is the most fascinating blonde girl you have ever met. You feel a strong attraction to her, but you don’t have the courage to speak to her for fear of rejection. Driven by an uncontrollable combination of curiosity and desire, you have a daring idea: to secretly photograph her.

Carefully setting up your voyeuristic lens, you prepare to uncover the mystery hidden beneath her clothing. What secrets is she guarding? What precious treasure has she kept from the public eye?

In “Through the Lens of Peek-a-Boo: The Blonde Stranger I Witnessed,” you will embark on a journey of discovery. From panties to clothes to scenes, each adds to Peeping Tom’s charms… Experience multiple scenes depicting her as an object of your desire as you pursue her unconscious charms.

She may be unaware of your presence, but you are drowned in a powerful desire to know her better than anyone else – to understand the secrets of her body.

In “Through the Lens of Peeping Toms – The Blonde Stranger You Witnessed,” you will step into forbidden territory and experience hidden desires. Question the boundaries of morality and privacy and witness the consequences of peeking into someone’s life without permission.

Key Features.

Earn money by recording videos

Recorded videos are available on the s

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Nozokimi no lensgoshi~ mokugeki shita kinpatsu no stranger RJ01087466” and use it.

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