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◆Ojisama Isekai Tensei! ◆


One day, a young lady who boasts of one of the wealthiest women in Japan dies after losing her temper with an aggressor she encountered during a ranked gaming match, and is reborn in a fantasy other world.

She arrives in “Mura Village,” a rural area that has friendly relations with the demon tribe, and uses a number of cheat techniques that she was able to use as a result of her reincarnation into another world to beat up the demon tribe.

Unsatisfied with her medieval level of civilization, the young lady hears that the Demon King, who resides in a nearby dungeon, is hoarding the treasures he has acquired through trade with humans and decides to strike at him. ……

Will the young lady be able to use her extravagance to the fullest……?

And can the Demon King protect the dungeon’s treasures? ……!

A slapstick roguelike fantasy begins here!

The young lady is the main character.

The images are from the game under development and may differ slightly from the main story.

Event CG

Character design is by popular illustrator Endo! @endouvocalotyu

16 event CGs in total

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