Isekai no himesama gense ni iku!~ shiranai sekai de iwareru ga mama~ RJ01094346 Save Data

Isekai no himesama gense ni iku!~ shiranai sekai de iwareru ga mama~ RJ01094346 Save Data


The princess from another world is bewildered by all the things she doesn’t know!


The princess from another world, “Amu”, has a strong sense of justice, is pure and innocent, and is popular and trusted by people.

The princess is an obstacle to the evil cult that is plotting to overthrow the state, and they plan to eliminate her.

One day, she is transported to another world, “Earth,” by a forbidden magic.

She sees many things that are new to her, such as “running iron boxes,” “square buildings,” and part-time jobs.

Moreover, the men in this world think Amu is dressed in cosplay, pick her up, and force her to do naughty things….

The innocent princess is told to do as she is told for the first time…?

The curse of the evil cult that has been chasing after Amu causes the earthlings to be turned into demons at night.

They have begun to work underhandedly to make Amu completely dead this time and take the earth for themselves. ……

The princess is dropped to an unknown planet, and while she’s unconscious…?

Everything she sees is new to her….

She is approached by men she doesn’t know…?

Eleanor, a female knight, comes to Earth to rescue the princess.

Surprised by the running iron box… will she be able to meet the princess?

On her way to a place called “school,” an unknown man approaches her from behind…

■Ecchi Part-time Job System

In order to earn money, get a part-time job introduction from Rena, a gal.

You will be sexually harassed at various part-time jobs such as a buckwheat noodle shop and road construction…?

This is the norm here…….as they say….

The innocent and clueless princess endures humiliation!

The fight against the evil cult that has been after ■am

When she goes out at night, she finds people in town who have been transformed into demons by the curse of the evil cult….

Can you defeat the Evil Gods cult leaders who appear one after another?



Basic CG pictures: 44

Differences: 181 pictures

Total CG:225pictures


CV:Narumi Osaka(Amu)
CV:Arinami Kotone(Eleanor)
CV:Popura Sawano(Ruu)

Map & Dot Art:Dorapika
Planning and Production: Slime Teishoku ~Subspecies~ (Japanese only)

About the trial version
You can play from the opening to the Gokumonkai building.
Save data from the demo version cannot be transferred to the full version. Please understand it beforehand.

About the operating environment
This software was created with RPG Toolkit MV Ver. 1.6.2.
Please check the operation of the demo version before purchasing the software.

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After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Isekai no himesama gense ni iku!~ shiranai sekai de iwareru ga mama~ RJ01094346” and use it.

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