Arishia outo dakkan!! RJ01094368 Save Data

Arishia outo dakkan!! RJ01094368 Save Data


Thousand War Aigis-style tower defense game 2!

I see. “……. No, yeah, it’s not unreasonable.

 …… Well, I’m a newbie, I just joined today, …… a knight of the Kingsguard,”

At that time when King’s Landing fell to the devil, she who looked like her reached out to me.

I’m Alicia, your Kingsguard.

The second tower defense game in the style of Aegis of the Thousand Wars!

Become a prince and take back King’s Landing with many friends!

Please check the operation with the demo version.

The bedroom scene is only available for characters with a rarity of Platinum or higher.



Planning and Script

Planning and Scripting

Scenario Writer

Akira Yonekura


Character names: “Marie Belle” and “Asaru” …… Akinoji

Character names: “Paula” and “Huli” …… Tsuyu Ichiba

Character names: “Nanny” and “Mao”……Yatsuki Mofu

:Character names “Meelis” and “Faye”……Minkus

Character names: “Sybilla,” “Ruin,” “Stella” …… Suzunashi Rei

:Character names “Alicia” and “Totono”……Yotsuba Tanuo

:Character names “Abby”, “Pomie”, “Cindy”, “Oji”……Not disclosed

:Dot illustration……Matsuzo Hachimonji

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Arishia outo dakkan!! RJ01094368” and use it.

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