Ryou kenshi Mariannu RJ01097124 Save Data

Ryou kenshi Mariannu RJ01097124 Save Data


To match the text of the H scene
The difference illustration changes.

More than 450 CGs are used in total.

◆Marianne Rape Scene by Monster

Slime rape
Clothes slashing and tearing by goblins
Ass-slapping by a bandit, then Doggy Style
Masturbation by a troll
Tentacle torture by a mandragora
Tentacle rape by a mandragora.
Tits sucked by bats and vaginal penetration
Tentacle torture

After being licked by a mimic
After being licked by a mimic, she is completely engulfed, raped all over her body, covered in semen, and vomited up.

The woman is wrapped around a serpent and is violated vaginally, then strangled.
The demon ejaculates in her vagina, then in her mouth and anus.
Petrified by a gargoyle (short scene)

The venom from the jellyfish tentacles causes her breasts and buttocks to swell up.
She is then engulfed vaginally and orally by the tentacles.

She is held down by a giant rat and forced to copulate with it from behind.
Masturbation by being possessed by a ghost.
A man is fucked by a giant minotaur, and his stomach swells up.
Raped by a zombie
After being raped by a giant spider, she is entangled in the spider’s web and raped again.
After being fucked by a succubus, the male genitalia is made to grow and the succubus is given a pie-slice.
After being fucked and demonized by a demon’s tentacles, she is fucked in the doggy position.

◆H scene between Marianne and the villagers

The villagers’ circle of friends and family
Paying for food and drink with your body
A boy who has too much sexual desire is given a blowjob.

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