Mahou shoujo majikaruburesuti RJ01099098 Save Data

Mahou shoujo majikaruburesuti RJ01099098 Save Data



Ayase, a girl who is forced to fight as an overexposed magical girl due to various reasons, gradually awakens to a perverted female pleasure as she engages in exposure activities to collect magic power and appears on TV as a masturbation pet for the boys in her class, and finally falls into the hands of the men around her as a shared impregnated wife. A morally broken school life experience exposure and shame SRPG!!!!


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 The evil hand of an unknown invader from another world is closing in on the city of Inomiya!

 The mysterious magical creature, Nyuul, is expected to be a magical girl who transforms the power of wishes into magical power to fight. ……

 When the identity of her secret wish, which even she is unaware of, is revealed, her destiny begins to go awry.

 Her sense of chastity is gradually distorted, and her relationships are transformed. ……

 Instead, a desire for approval and a sense of liberation that grows inside her heart, and a woman’s pleasure……

 What awaits her in the future will be victory and hope, or depravity and ruin……!

 Here is a tale of a magical girl who engages in daily exposure and fights monsters as she remembers them from time to time. ……!


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