Isekai ten’i~ isekai de no ?? seikatsu~ RJ01101604 Save Data

Isekai ten’i~ isekai de no ?? seikatsu~ RJ01101604 Save Data


Game Overview

Battle Fuck RPG with a whore!

This is a female-only RPG for M-oriented users, for those who want to be squeezed to the hilt by a whore!

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The main character is you, playing a game as usual.

One night, you are taken into another world by a demon.

You are taken to a world where humans are nearly extinct and demons have absolute power.

There, the demon asks you to do something for him, and you decide to go on an adventure.

During her adventures, she encounters a variety of demons and has to fight them off by making them cum.

But if she loses…

If we lose…

When you are defeated in the battle of making love to the whore…

The hell of the sexual exploitation by the demons awaits you!

The hellish pleasure will be given to you until the end of your life…

Continue the adventure with automatic resuscitation!

However, the adventure does not end when the exploitation kills you.

The hero, who has been granted revival magic, can continue the adventure even if he loses his life!

However, the memory of being exploited by the lewd demon will remain–

They get squeezed in a variety of situations!

In a world rife with lewd demons, men are one-sided

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How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Isekai ten’i~ isekai de no ?? seikatsu~ RJ01101604” and use it.

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