Juken seikatsu~ hoshii no wa anata no goukaku tsuuchi~ RJ01103321 Save Data

Juken seikatsu~ hoshii no wa anata no goukaku tsuuchi~ RJ01103321 Save Data


Cousin of the Exam Student x Doki Doki Cohabitation Simulation Adventure!

A nurturing simulation adventure game from Yosasoft!

Teach your cousin heroine to study and pass the university entrance exam!
However, the cousin sister has a body that is far from that of a JK, and she has a body that will kill you. ……
It’s up to you whether you want to be serious about getting into college or just enjoy the crazy life.

CG of sex scene(no difference):25+Free sex mode
Total CG (without difference): 45+
Number of endings: 9 (including bad endings)
(*There are plans to increase the number at this time)
Voice: Rio Fujimura

The game consists of a holiday part and a weekday part, with one week as a unit.
The date progresses by repeating the turn from holiday to weekday, holiday to weekday, and so on.

1. Holiday part
You decide how to spend your time with Kori by selecting commands such as “study,” “date,” “sex,” and so on.
Depending on the command you choose, your statuses such as academic ability, likability, and sex will grow and affect the progress of the story.

In date mode, fulfilling the conditions releases a story that includes sex scenes!
In the sex mode, a free sex mode allows you to touch any part of Koromo’s body and have sex with her!

2. Weekday Part
In the weekday part, random conversation events occur. Various events will occur depending on how you return the conversation to Koromo.

In addition, mock examinations and test events occur periodically, and the story will diverge depending on the growth of the student’s academic ability!
At the end

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How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Juken seikatsu~ hoshii no wa anata no goukaku tsuuchi~ RJ01103321” and use it.

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