Coco le to erotic trap danjon RJ01103719 Save Data

Coco le to erotic trap danjon RJ01103719 Save Data


■■ Synopsis

A girl “Cocol”, who was in debt, was
was working hard every day at an adventurer’s guild.
One day, the boss of the guild
the guild boss gives her the job of conquering an erotic trap dungeon!
She challenges the traps with all her might, gets caught, made to cum over and over again, and gets fucked to pieces.
Bring back the information of the traps for the guild!

■ Erotic Trap■

The dungeon is full of erotic traps!
There are various types, such as those that are triggered when you step on them, machines that chase you, and inevitable gases. ……

Tentacles, bondage, plant rape, bondage, aphrodisiac gas, fixed vibrators, electric torture, nipple rotor clips, gas masks, enemas, treasure chest traps, mechanical rape, tentacle clothes, forced masturbation, tickling, shackles, shackles, spurts, childbirth, spawn, wooden horses, crotch rope, climax beam, pleasure current, embarrassing costumes, lesbian training, etc. ……

More than 100 erotic differences of standing pictures!

There is no sexual intercourse with men.
There is peeing, but no scatological scenes.
There is pleasure torture and whipping, but no grotesque expressions such as bloodshed.

■Special Erotic Events

Special CG erotic events also occur when you get caught in special erotic traps!
More than 10 CG events!

The dungeons include a cave, a machine area, a whore’s house, a ghost house, a torture prison, and many others, each with its own unique and terrifying traps waiting for you. ……
Erotic status includes the number of climaxes and sensitivity of each body part.

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Coco le to erotic trap danjon RJ01103719” and use it.

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