Metamomenta RJ01111827 Save Data

Metamomenta RJ01111827 Save Data


A naughty 2D dot action game to explore a laboratory where monsters are stirring.

Side-scrolling exploration type game + 2D dot picture + action shooting + erotic elements.

You explore three main laboratory areas, defeating monsters and acquiring items.

If you are attacked by an enemy and fall down, the enemies will crowd around you and try to do something naughty to the main character!

It is up to the player whether to resist or give up and become the monster’s lackey!

Contents: Humanoid, heteroerotic, tentacles, machine, slime, etc.

Game System

0 Synopsis.

–Receive a distress signal from the BO2 lab! Go to the emergency lab and investigate the situation… –…

The main character receives an order from the organization and heads to the lab by himself…

0 System

A Metroidvania-type game of action + shooting based on “run”, “jump”, and “shoot”, in which the main character girl “Ena” struggles!

0Ability Enhancement

Get abilities scattered throughout the laboratory to enhance your Energies!

Get new weapons and new actions to fight naughty monsters!


◀Protagonist: Ena

Organization fighter

Strong, serious, easily influenced by the atmosphere

Not interested in sex.

He is distrustful of the recent suspicious activities of the organization.


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