Doko de mo? osawari! princess touch RJ01111830 Save Data

Doko de mo? osawari! princess touch RJ01111830 Save Data


The main character transfers to a girl’s school as an insurance doctor.
He is a male insurance doctor at an all-girls school, so no one comes to the second infirmary.
Three girls who are good friends gather in the second infirmary.

One day, in the second library next to the infirmary, the girls
They find a book sealed with a lewd demon.
The book is then unsealed, and the girls are cursed by the whore “Kaja.
The girls are cursed. However, this whore is a bastard of a character.
The hero hijacks the position of the whore and
and the main character decides to cooperate with the girls to touch them and accumulate ecstasy!

The whore’s power allows you to build up ecstasy through remote touching and sound-game touching.
And direct contact in the story mode…
Only bright future awaits the girls!

Release of tools and systems for touching.
The tools and systems for touching, the hairstyles and breast sizes for character customization are also available.
You can also collect titles for each character and continue to do so even after clearing the game!


Haruhi Himeimiya

CV: Ryoko Tezuka

A perfect princess who grew up quickly for her age.

She is a distant relative of the main character and comes to the second infirmary to see her.

She has a liking for the main character from the beginning.

She is honest about sex and likes to be cunniled, but she doesn’t want to pay for it.

But she tries to pay him every time.

Usara Hibino

CV: Yuka

A cheerful and innocent tanned girl whose parents are tiger fans.

She is energetic and lively, and her body and mind are just like her age.

She is mentally and sexually young.

She is mentally and sexually young and is still unable to recognize pleasure.

However, she is not insensitive and unconsciously seeks sexual pleasure.

Ruko Furumi

CV: Haruka Amachi

She is a masturbation-crazed girl with a sharp tongue, who pretends to be a lady.

She is always teasing Usagi, but she has a weakness for spiritual things and is afraid of remote touch.

She is too skinny and has no breasts, but she is an adult in one part because of her masturbation. This makes it difficult for her to receive pleasure…

Kaja the whore

CV: Ryoko Tezuka

A lewd demon sealed in a book that was left in the infirmary.

She is possessed by a stuffed animal that was left in the infirmary.

Because of her shitty personality, the main character is practically in control of remote touching.

However, the demon’s power is real, and it sometimes takes over Haruhime’s body.

Remote Touching

The main mode of the game, Remote Touching Mode, determines the type of touch situation at random for each character.

Three final touches are set in advance.

In the remote touch mode, the player touches the breasts, groin, and buttocks within a time limit to build up a gauge.

When the gauge reaches the maximum, the final touch is performed by inserting the object into the girl’s vagina.

When the gauge is built up to the maximum, the girl lightly comes and you move on to the next touch.

After repeating this three times, the girl will cum and the remote touch will end.

It is important not to touch the girl too hard, but to touch her face occasionally to calm her down.

Touching sound game

If you press a button during the remote touching, the game will branch off into a sound game (i.e., a sound game).

(In other words, you can clear the game even if you don’t play the sound game.)

To the BGM

Tap the left mouse button (normal notes) ・Press and hold the right mouse button (long press notes)

Clicking the right mouse button and holding down the right mouse button (long-press notes) ・Are in a designated area at a specific timing (area notes) ・Clicking in time with the three types of notes.

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Doko de mo? osawari! princess touch RJ01111830” and use it.

Download Save Data

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