Osawari hitozuma simulator RJ01112447 Save Data

Osawari hitozuma simulator RJ01112447 Save Data


It is a touchy-feely game like old FLASH.

Touching Married Woman Simulator is a touching game like an old fashioned Flash game.

The player is a chief and he has to touch his wife who works part time.

There is almost no penalty for making mistakes so that the player can immerse himself in the game.

Rubbing and licking are done by holding down the mouse.

The rubbing method changes in three stages by holding down the mouse.

The main rubbing methods are “rub,” “toss,” “flick,” “lick,” and “suck.

You can also use “stare” to magnify any part of the body.

There are 5 stages in total.

The stages are

1 side: Standing touch (apron and normal clothes)

2: Sitting down and touching with legs spread (in normal clothes)

Touching the buttocks on the third side (sportswear)

Touching in the shower (bra and panties)

Touching and penetration in bed (bra and panties)

In the setting, the player is the chief and the touched wife is Yuko, a part-timer.

The name can be changed.

The game content is simply to touch her tits and genitals.

From the beginning, it is possible to take off clothing. For example, there is no flag that says how many times you have to click to take off the clothes.

This is because the game is mainly about touching, so we didn’t include any conditions.

The objective of the game is to make Yuko’s sexual desire full. By doing so, a new stage will be released and

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After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Osawari hitozuma simulator RJ01112447” and use it.

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