Onnanoko ni baishun saseru game RJ01115877 Save Data

Onnanoko ni baishun saseru game RJ01115877 Save Data


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This is a game based on a common prostitution game, but customized to the author’s liking.
The girls to be prostituted are randomly generated.
The girls are randomly selected to appear with bangs, back hair, eyes, skin color, and voice, and you hire the girl of your choice to manage the business.

The management part of the game is of the common type, where you use money and points to strengthen your store.
On the other hand, the training part is a simple card game, which is a unique element.

Trained girls are delivered and converted into points to strengthen the store.
Also, if you make a girl pregnant, you can hire a fatty with inherited abilities to take her place.


There are many games with training systems, but it is rare to find a game in which the training itself is interesting.
Basically, training is often a work in itself, which makes the game boring.
Therefore, we try to simplify the training process by using a card game format, so that it is not a work in itself.
The author’s preference is not for the training itself, but for the part of changing the girl to his liking, so there are no H scenes in the training itself.
Instead, you can have sex with the girls, and the parameters of the girls change as they have sex with you.

Pregnancy is almost never

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