Cloth soul RJ01117662 Save Data

Cloth soul RJ01117662 Save Data


◇”Two but One” girl

The time is the Edo period, and Aoha, a little kunoichi apprentice girl, is trapped with a part of her soul by an ogre,
Aoha, a little kunoichi apprentice girl, has part of her soul captured by an ogre.

At the same time, the “memory of the soul” comes back to her.
It was the memory of a queen who ruled a desert land far, far away in a previous life…….

● A town where ninja villages and queens rule.
Unique NPCs are always waiting for you.
There are many ways to have a deep relationship with NPCs and to share pleasure with them…

● Aoha excels in speedy infighting action.
Instantaneous movement is possible by consuming stamina.

As a queen, Aasamooha is good at strategic strategy at a distance.
She can create a foothold for escaping or shooting a bow.

Let’s make full use of their completely different abilities to push through the dungeon!

● A story of souls over thousands of years.
The story revolves around the battle between Aoha and the demons, Aasamooha and the dreamer.

The dungeon that awaits you

The game is 2D action, items and monster placement.
All are randomly generated dungeons.
Monster houses and special floors also appear.

Equipment (weapons only) can be “possessed”,
The same weapon can be obtained with various performances.

The story of the dungeons is a story of the dungeons.
And there are monsters of all sizes waiting for you.

Higher-level (different-colored) mo

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How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Cloth soul RJ01117662” and use it.

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