Chiisana lilas to in’yoku no mori RJ01119628 Save Data

Chiisana lilas to in’yoku no mori RJ01119628 Save Data



Lila lives in a facility where she gets along with everyone.

One night, she sees a child from the same facility about to be attacked by a mysterious fireball and takes a stand to protect him.

However, the mysterious fireball soon disappeared.

It seems as if everything will return to normal without incident…

A simple action RPG with simple controls that pushes forward through a dangerous forest!

In order to be cured of the lewdness curse that has been placed on her, she ventures into the dangerous forest in search of rare medicinal herbs.

The main character, Rira, is small but athletic!

However, the deeper she goes, the more ferocious the demons become, and she is subjected to a variety of naughty experiences, such as being entangled by tentacles and forced to masturbate by being controlled.

The battle part basically consists of only attacking with a dagger and recovering with items, and there are no complicated controls.

If you are not good at action controls or if you only want to enjoy the sex scenes, you can select the easy mode to proceed quickly and easily!

More than 20 basic CGs (excluding standing pictures)

If you are defeated in battle, the game is not over and you will be returned to the entrance of the forest. There are no other penalties.

You can warp between save points in an instant once you reach them.

H events with the residents of the town and the children of the facility will be released according to Lila’s lust value.

H-events are not dependent on whether or not they have been seen once.

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How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Chiisana lilas to in’yoku no mori RJ01119628” and use it.

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