Rokkunrooru lie! RJ01120129 Save Data

Rokkunrooru lie! RJ01120129 Save Data



The “Magic Tool of the Great Demon King”.
Whoever obtains it can become the ruler of the world….
Hired by a magical organization, you will live your life according to your violence and desire while performing the mission of searching for the magical tool.
You will encounter hostile magical organizations, emissaries from outer space, married women from other worlds, and so on…,
Where will the hero, your alter ego, end up?

You can threaten a beautiful wizard girl, take her around, and make her carry out embarrassing commands at various places in the city.
The system is simple, but the play is just full of it!
Enjoy public play in all kinds of places.

Examples of situations
Taking a class in the nude
Perform in a porno
Plunge them into a men’s bath with only a towel.
Public anal masturbation by manipulating the body
Sex while being broadcast live across the country

39 basic CGs (based on material, excluding cut-ins)

A girl I met in town, “Rokujoin Mihtagna

You are violent with a passerby and Mihtanya fights you off.
Resentful, you beat Mihtanya with cowardly hands, threatening to take her around.
In the open air, in public, in the academy you attend, or in any other embarrassing act, Mihtanya will not be able to resist you.
You can make her suffer as badly as you like in various parts of the city.

Main character (you, name can be set)

You can create your own look! You can even change your clothes!

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Rokkunrooru lie! RJ01120129” and use it.

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