Yachiyonokizuna RJ01121859 Save Data

Yachiyonokizuna RJ01121859 Save Data



The sun is setting in the school building after school, and Chiyo and her best friend Akari are getting ready to go home.

Suddenly, there is a huge earthquake that shakes the entire school building.
Their footing collapses and they fall into the bottomless darkness.

When Chiyo next wakes up, she finds the school building transformed into another world.
She begins a search for her missing friends and an attempt to escape.

In this work, the girls are caught up in a mysterious incident at school, sometimes solving the mystery, sometimes being caught in a trap or by a monster, and sometimes being raped and humiliated.
They search for the truth of the case while sometimes solving mysteries, and sometimes being caught in traps or by monsters and humiliated.

If caught, you will be raped immediately!

No matter how frightened they are or how much they cry, the monster will not relent!

Most of the erotic events are tiered depending on the first or second time, or on the level of defilement (lewdness)!
Even a girl who cries out in disgust at first may go on to be attacked by herself as her defilement progresses. ……
Situations change even with the same partner!
(Partial voices are played during erotic scenes.)

System Description

The search method changes from chapter to chapter!
Mystery-solving exploration part
Stealth action to hide from enemies
Switch between different parties at will

All the “recollection rooms” are open from the beginning.
No need to get caught and collect CG!

Erotic Status” is of course included!
The most recent partner and what kind of things he/she did to you can be described at any time.
(*Clearance of virginity is also possible)


Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Yachiyonokizuna RJ01121859” and use it.

Download Save Data

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