Chakui kinbaku SLG nawa no ka gura SE RJ01122346 Save Data

Chakui kinbaku SLG nawa no ka gura SE RJ01122346 Save Data


Game Description

This work is a game in which girls, bound and gagged in various ways, escape from their captors after suffering hardships.
The player can choose from a selection of nine unique characters.

The criminal first ties up the girls and restrains them so that they cannot escape.
Depending on the girl’s choice, various additional restraints are added, such as gagging, collaring, and blindfolding.

The choices the girl can make and the actions of the criminal will change according to the gag and additional restraints.
The game is played in a way that allows the player to recognize these patterns and escape from the criminal.

When the game is over, you can see hints and strategies for each character.
In addition, you can force each character to be cleared individually or all at once.
It is quite difficult to clear them all with no hints, so if you are confident, please try.

Characters who successfully escape can view all the differences in CG mode.
In CG mode, you can also select viewpoint, scroll up/down/auto scroll, and play sound and sound effects.

Details of Binding Method
 Based on Takate-Kote, chest rope, shoulder rope, crotch rope, rhombus rope, hog tie, sitting cross-legged, etc.
Details of additional restraints
 Ball gag, bite gag, gag over the nose, blindfold, collar, hanging rope, blame rope, weight blame, water torture, etc.

Full screen, backlog, message skip, and auto mode are supported.
There is no background music, but gag moans and sound effects are played.

Will the girls be able to escape in time?
There are no direct sexual descriptions.

Operating environment, etc.

Supported models
Windows 7 or later
Android 5.0 or later (Please make sure to check the operation with the demo version, as it may not work in some environments.)

How to install, uninstall, and run (Windows version)
 Unzip the downloaded zip file to a folder of your choice.
To run the game, execute nawanokagura.exe in the extracted folder.
To uninstall, delete the extracted folder.

How to install (Android version)
 If the downloaded file is a zip file, first extract the zip file using any file management application.
Then, install the extracted nawanokagura.apk using the file management application.
If you downloaded nawanokagura.apk directly, please install nawanokagura.apk with your file management application.

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Chakui kinbaku SLG nawa no ka gura SE – RJ01122346” and use it.

Download Save Data

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