Rakuen no kuni- cruz RJ01124261 Save Data

Rakuen no kuni- cruz RJ01124261 Save Data


Drive the robot! Hunt giant beasts! Boarding type robot RPG fighting together with heroine!

No defeat erotica, no NTR! Individual ending for each heroine!

In the near future, the discovery of the “Akasha Particle”, an infinite energy source, has led to a dramatic development.
However, at the same time, “Giant Beasts” appeared, and the human race fell from the top of the ecosystem.
The people’s sphere of existence is protected by the giant humanoid weapon “Exterior” and the “Mercenaries” who drive it.

The protagonist is a former mercenary who has lost his aptitude for Akasha particles due to a past accident.
Unable to ride the armored vehicle, he ridicules himself as a “defective product” and continues to lead a vagabond-like life as a recluse.

In the midst of his wanderings, he meets a girl.
She is an aspiring exterior engineer, but the exterior she has created from her late mother’s blueprints is ridiculed as an “antique” and shunned by those around her.
The reason was that the exterior was a product that went against the grain of the times and did not use particles.

A defective mercenary who could no longer handle particles and an antique exterior that did not use particles.
When the two meet, the wheels of the story slowly begin to move.

— “— Let’s go out, Kniekles.”

■Fight through as a mercenary

Use your armament to face off against the giant beasts that attack you and the exteriors that stand in your way!
This is an orthodox command RPG.

Receive mission

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Rakuen no kuni- cruz RJ01124261” and use it.

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