Natsuyasumi ni ochita tsubasa RJ01125213 Save Data

Natsuyasumi ni ochita tsubasa RJ01125213 Save Data


■ Synopsis

Kusata is in love with his childhood friend, Tsubasa, who is like an older sister to him.
One day, Tsubasa plays a naughty prank on Kusata with a light heart.
As an apology, she ends up helping Kusata with his free summer research.
As she travels around the island for her free research, Tsubasa is courted by men, and her mind and body gradually fall into a state of degradation. ……


Name: Tsubasa Kurami (CV: Izumi Mikoshiba)

A member of the track team, Tsubasa grew up on an island in the countryside.
She is crass and winsome, but has a caring nature that does not leave those in need alone.
She has been playing with Sota since she was a little girl, and considers him like a younger brother.
She has never been in love and has little knowledge about sex. Perhaps because of this, he sometimes wanders around in unprotected clothing.

■Introduction of the Man Between Us

Main character: Kusata

A shy and timid boy. He has a faint crush on his childhood friend Tsubasa.

Name: Harto (a flirtatious guy)

Tsubasa and the main character share a childhood friend.
He left the island to attend college in the city, but is currently back on the island for summer vacation.
He is a picture-perfect, flirtatious guy who apparently has a lot of fun with women.
He is also very friendly with Tsubasa.

Name: Chido (Coach)

Coach of Tsubasa’s track team. He is rough and forceful.
He seems to be good at massages.

Name: Mamiya

A boy in the same class as Tsubasa.
By chance, he becomes friends with the heroine.

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