Shinmai boukensha ga H na me ni au game RJ01126458 Save Data

Shinmai boukensha ga H na me ni au game RJ01126458 Save Data


Simple echi-RPG with a low difficulty level

It is a simple echi-RPG without any special system.

There is a little battle erotic element.

The goal is to defeat monsters in the dungeon, raise your level, and defeat the boss.

Combat Eroticism and Defeat Eroticism

Enemy monsters will attack you eerily during battle.

Slime will entangle you, and undead will rub your breasts…(The threat level is about the same as poison).

If you lose to a monster, you will be beaten up pretty badly (your life tends to end).

Sex outside of battle

The pure protagonist, who has just come out of the countryside, is subjected to many things by the bad adults in town.

They make him drink a lot of alcohol, drink strange potions…

Sexuality (Lewdness)

The eroticism level increases when you encounter erotic events or climax during battles.

The ending is split according to the eroticism level (2 patterns).

Update History

v1.1/Fixed a problem where some monsters’ debuffs did not occur
v1.2/Fixed a problem in which climaxes did not occur when fighting boss monsters/Fixed a problem in which some NPCs were hit/fixed a problem in which some of the events seen in the recollection room did not match

Bug Reports

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Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Shinmai boukensha ga H na me ni au game RJ01126458” and use it.

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