Kyou wa tenken nichi 2 chi po center hen RJ01128326 Save Data

Kyou wa tenken nichi 2 chi po center hen RJ01128326 Save Data


The center is accredited by the Association for Penis Preservation.

At the Penis Center, we are able to perform more detailed inspections than during an onsite inspection.

In recent years, the penis has gone beyond the conventional framework and is used in various fields and for various purposes.

For your safety, please have them inspected on a regular basis.

Thank you for your cooperation.

You can freely choose the contents of inspection at the center.

Depending on the number of inspections in each category

New content will be unlocked.

Of course, everything can be viewed from the gallery at any time!

(technical) specification

This is a loop video application with full voice and ejaculation button.

・Fellatio related x 6, hand job related x 6, cowgirl position x 5, autonomous movement x 5

 Movie for the first time x 1, Movie for the second time x 1, Extra ejaculation x 1

 The total number of scenes will be 25 scenes.

In some scenes, the viewpoint can be switched.

∙ Auto mode, with gallery

Recommended size: 1920 x 1080

CV: 1.5



3D base model of the main character

By VR Character Factory

Virtu-A-Dolls 04: Ryoka F. Wendel

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