Isekai tenshou! mes gaki yuusha!! RJ01128403 Save Data

Isekai tenshou! mes gaki yuusha!! RJ01128403 Save Data



Girls who were reborn in another world as heroes.

The world was a world where the human race had been hunted down by the demon tribe and was on the verge of extinction.

The girls are begged by the princess of that world to go to a dungeon in search of the “heart tool,” an item that will help them fight against the demons.

However, the dungeon is a dangerous place where traumas from their past come back to haunt them.

Will they be able to conquer the dungeon and become true heroes?

Or will they be the ones to make it through?

The CG used in this work was created using AI.

[Personality (1)

0 Saionji Rena

One of the first people called from another world. She is always smiling, and it is difficult to see her true intentions.

For some reason, she ruthlessly kills her enemies with the gun she carries.

0 flare

A girl who is a guardian knight. She is a mood-maker with a cheerful personality who leads her team. She excels in attack and defense, and is active as a tank, but she is not good at acting quickly.

She was once a member of a band of thieves and has a history with the leader of the band.

A descendant of the Onmyoji family, he is over 100 years old. He uses his powerful Onmyo-do to destroy his enemies, but his physical strength is low.

In his original world, he was defeated by a certain demon, which caused an incident that has traumatized him ever since.

0 Merii.
The succubus queen that plunged the world into chaos, the

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