Bakunyuu ni naranai to derarenai heya RJ01129453 Save Data

Bakunyuu ni naranai to derarenai heya RJ01129453 Save Data


Work Contents

One day, Rare Hoshizora, a student preparing for an entrance exam, suddenly finds herself locked in a mysterious space.
The room was a “room where you can’t get out unless you have big boobs” where your boobs get bigger if you can’t answer a quiz!

The quizzes are in Japanese, Mathematics, and English.
There are beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, ranging from elementary school level questions to high school level questions.
If you answer all the questions correctly, you may be presented with even more difficult questions. ……?
In the trial version, only “Japanese” can be answered.

Rare’s boobs will get bigger as she gets the quiz wrong.
There are 13 levels, from A-cup to maximum M-cup!
Rare’s true feelings may change lewdly accordingly!

Recommended for those who can get excited by the erotic status, especially the three sizes and the changes in the character’s mind!

Additional Information

It is not only the boobs that get even bigger. Your buttocks may also grow along with your boobs!
Whether or not your buttocks will grow is random, so you can play over and over again to grow them to your liking.

Aim for over 100cm hips!

Character Introductions

Name:Hoshizora Rare
Name:Rea Hoshizora
Grade:3rd year student (preparing for entrance examinations)
Weight:I never want you to know!

Three sizes (initial)
70(A), 60, 81

She is a student who is studying every day for her soon-to-be entrance exam.
She has chosen science as her major.

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Bakunyuu ni naranai to derarenai heya RJ01129453” and use it.

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