Kyuuketsuki nikki RJ01131276 Save Data

Kyuuketsuki  nikki RJ01131276 Save Data


Lolita hag vampire “Claire”

Vampire “Claire”

One day she is trapped in an old mansion by humans with advanced technology. She is starving and needs more blood to escape the mansion, but the main character, a human, wanders in and decides to keep her alive for food.

The human is used to destroy the wards that have been set up throughout the mansion, but…

Game Introduction

■Basic things to do is to take care of the vampire (being sucked, cleaning, etc.) and talk with him to win his trust and gradually get him to let you go.

You can make Claire proud by giving her a medicine while she sleeps, or by hypnotizing her directly, so that she can gradually do naughty things to you.

(You can also attack her without drugs or hypnosis if you increase her sensitivity.)

Main Status

■This game changes four statuses depending on your behavior when you spend your life with a vampire, and you can raise them up to a maximum of five levels.

■The vampire’s standing picture changes according to the status of the four main statuses.

You can love vampires by making them wear various items!

Or, you can make love to the vampire and make him like you!

Or, do nothing and escape from the mansion by exploring!

The choice is up to you…!

Other Matters

■Basic Information

Genre: Simulation game of touch and touch

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Kyuuketsuki nikki RJ01131276” and use it.

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