Mahou shoujo magical Linne kan zenhaiboku RJ01131569 Save Data

Mahou shoujo magical Linne kan zenhaiboku RJ01131569 Save Data


■Combat erotic RPG in which a monster defeats a magical girl!

An evil organization bent on world domination is on the verge of collapse at the hands of Magical Rinne-chan!
The hero, the last of the organization’s monsters, is powered up by Dr. Rinne’s modifications and his hatred for Rinne-chan!

Now, let’s beat up the magical girls!

Estimated play time for this title is approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour.


This work is mainly a combat erotic game in which you become a monster and defeat magical girls!

At first, the monsters are weak, but as they gain experience through repeated battles, they become stronger and stronger.
They can get stronger and stronger by improving their status, acquiring passive skills, and gaining attack skills!

In addition to combat-specific skills, you can also use aphrodisiac brushes to torture your breasts,
You can also learn sexual harassment skills such as breast torture with an aphrodisiac brush, electric massage, anal beads, and penetration!
Let’s drive the magical girl into a corner by sexually harassing her during battle!

In addition to sexual harassment, as the monster grows stronger, it will also be able to use
Tentacle restraints and mechanical restraints are also available as the monster becomes stronger!

The restrained Puella Magi are defenseless!
Push them further with climax beams, anal penetration, clitoral sucking, and more!

■A wealth of standing pictures!

During battle, Rinne’s standing picture changes depending on the situation!
When she takes damage, when her HP is low, when she falls….
You will be able to see her confident and confident Linnea become more and more severe with a wide variety of standing pictures!

■ books

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