Kyoufu no en bijotachi ni kararete iku yoru RJ01131669 Save Data

Kyoufu no en bijotachi ni kararete iku yoru RJ01131669 Save Data


A New Genre of Horror and Eroticism Escape from Crazy Women!

A Western-style house you happened to visit for shelter from the rain

I’m sorry…”

There was no answer.

The door won’t open?

Suddenly, women’s laughter

Mad women are attacking you!

Solve the mysteries inside the Western-style house and survive!

Main Character

A poor boy who lost his clothes in a Western-style house where he stopped to take shelter from the rain.

Although he is not very strong, he was a member of the track and field club during his school days. He once won a prize at a regional championship in the shot put.

Suel. The circumstances of his birth are unknown.

She is a caring person and wears a maid’s outfit.

She attacks players to give them eternal peace of mind.

She is a symbol of a motherly woman.

Nao. The circumstances of her birth are unknown.

She is active and curious.

She chases after the player, trying to pierce her with scissors.

A symbol of a woman in her youth.

Bibi. Unknown birth history.

She speaks to the player in a calm tone.

She floats in the air and uses her mysterious power.

A symbol of a mature and intelligent woman.

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After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Kyoufu no en bijotachi ni kararete iku yoru RJ01131669” and use it.

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