Niramarekuesuto RJ01132085 Save Data

Niramarekuesuto RJ01132085 Save Data



The hero, who lost his life at a young age, is given the ability by a goddess to “force women of a lower level than himself into a sexual passion.
He is given the ability to force women of a lower level than himself into heat, and is reborn in a different world.

He is summoned as a “hero of the prophecy” to a queen country where men are ruled by strong, arrogant, and voluptuous women with big tits.
No matter how haughty, how strong, or how vicious she is
If they are forced to go into heat, they will have no choice but to surrender to the cock with a look of humiliation on their faces.

The adventures of the hero, who raises the level and fucks the cock, now begins–!


Aili Steinbeck
Age:19 years old
Height: 175cm
Weight: 80kg
Size: 112(J), 65, 109cm

She is a cheerful and winsome female bandit.
She is a money-hungry woman who joined the heroes for the bounty for defeating the Demon King.
Although she thinks the hero is an idiot at heart, she admires his efforts to raise his level in a short period of time, even if his motive is sexual desire.

The main character’s actions are mechanical rape.

Morgana Montgomery
Age:22 years old
Weight: 76kg
Size: 114(K), 65, 103cm

Prideful and confident witch
A descendant of a great mage, she is the next head of a large noble family. She joined the ranks of the heroes in order to add a foil to her career.
She is inwardly jealous of the hero because he is the “hero of prophecy,” a chosen one.

The main character’s adventures are centered on tentacle rape.

Lucy Alcott
Age: 21 years old
Height: 182cm
Weight: 90kg

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