Gozonji! hime kenshi Arishia funtouki RJ01133348 Save Data

Gozonji! hime kenshi Arishia funtouki RJ01133348 Save Data


** prologue **

The kingdom of Byland is surrounded by mountains and the rich sea.

Although Byland is a small country, it has a large number of soldiers and fewer demons than other countries.

The land has few demons compared to other countries.

Recently, however, demons have become more active.

The people are concerned that this may be a sign of the resurrection of the Demon King, who has long been locked away.

In the midst of this, Alicia, who had been working as a diplomat, returns to Byland.

Alicia receives an audience with the king and reports to him that the Demon King’s activities have become more active.

However, Guzaf, a powerful warding demon, appears.

His warding deprives Alicia of her fighting ability and all of her equipment, but ……

Even so, Alicia did not stop fighting to protect Byland.

She used everything she could offer herself to …… restore peace.

** h scene **

Alicia, strong, noble, and of noble birth, is deprived of the power to fight.

In order to regain her equipment, she offers her body to demons …….

Sometimes she is called upon to serve the same humans …….

And finally, to avenge her hated enemy, she dares to be embraced. ……

Please enjoy the sight of Alicia, deprived of the power to fight, yet desperately offering her body in order to fight back.

** character **


A knight and princess for the kingdom of Byland.

She is a skilled swordsman, but has the strength to fight.

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