Ochi yuku seiken no hime kishi tirute RJ01136672 Save Data

Ochi yuku seiken no hime kishi tirute RJ01136672 Save Data


The heroine of a royal RPG is falling…! To a sister! By demons! The action RPG of rape and humiliation of “Yuri” and “Defeat”!

Vendir” is a large country that thrives under the holy tree that lives for 1000 years.

By applying the all-powerful element “Mana” brought by the holy tree to industry
people were living richly.

However, once every 200 years, when the power of the sacred tree wanes
The demonic tribes that had been suppressed by the magical power of its light began to move once again, and the “demons” who were their dependents began to riot on earth.
The “demons” that are their dependents begin to run rampant on the earth.

Tirte,” a young girl who is a hunter
Guided by the royal blood that lies dormant in her body
She meets “Dina,” a saint on a mission to save the sacred tree.
and is given the legendary “Holy Sword”, which has the power to cut through everything.

Then, Dina tells Tirte of one wish.
She asks Tirte to travel with her to the sacred tree as a knight of the sword and protect her…

Game Outline
Set in a royal fantasy world
The main character “Tirte” is a girl who has fallen into the world of fantasy.
The main character, “Tilte”, is thoroughly depicted in this full-fledged action RPG!

By advancing the story
The storyline will lead you to a rich scene of yuri with the sister you share the journey with!
When she is defeated by a demon, she is violently humiliated by a different species!
You can enjoy two kinds of hard H!

Easy to play with simple controls and an easy-to-understand system.
You can enjoy the exhilarating feeling of being a warrior and slaying demons!

Estimated playing time
 About 5 to 7 hours
 (Depending on how fast you read, how many dungeons you visit, etc.)

Basic CG

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