Bust/Arbeit/crisis~ bakunyuu to Nanako to baitosaki~ RJ01136857 Save Data

Bust/Arbeit/crisis~ bakunyuu to Nanako to baitosaki~ RJ01136857 Save Data


Prologue … Big Breasts are a Living Hell for Women …

Nanako, a college student, has always had a complex about her breasts.

Her boobs had been growing since she was a child, and by the time she entered junior high school, they were over F cups.

Nanako was living alone and working part-time,

Because of her big boobs, she was sexually harassed at every part-time job she had.

Every time she was sexually harassed, she quit her part-time job and repeatedly applied for the next one,

Eventually, the number of part-time jobs she had quit exceeded double digits, and she was rejected for a number of reasons: …….

Nanako was in trouble because she had no money, but the manager of a certain coffee shop was willing to hire her even though he saw her resume.

Thus began Nanako’s new part-time life. ……

H scene … Bursting tits cause irresistible desire in men …

Big tits are a living hell for women.

Even the most gentlemanly of men can’t help but lust after boobs.

I have been looked at with curiosity since I was a child and have lived with a complex about my big boobs.

Then she got a new part-time job.

Customers at the store look at her sexually, both on and off the job. ……

▲ Character … Big tits encourage crime …

Nanako …

Nanako is a college student at a women’s college with super-busty breasts.

She has a complex about her breasts and is frequently sexually harassed because of them.

She is grateful to the manager for hiring her in the midst of a storm of part-time job rejections.


The manager of the coffee shop that hired Nanako.

The coffee shop is a hobby, and is basically open only at night.

The girls he used to hire all quit soon after due to the manager’s sexual harassment,

He was looking for a sexy girl.

A man with blond hair

A flirtatious guy who comes to the coffee shop.

He has his eyes on Nanako and starts messing around with her.

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