Hikawasan no himitsu RJ01137205 Save Data

Hikawasan no himitsu RJ01137205 Save Data


♦Synopsis ♦

I” lost my family and energy to live in an accident.

I was in pain at school for the first time in a long time, and was about to jump off the rooftop.

I met a mysterious girl “Ms. Hikawa”.

I hardly knew her, but she even used her body to persuade me. ……

I couldn’t help but be curious about her.

♦Game Summary ♦

Sometimes I interacted with the heroine “Ms. Hikawa”,

I was so curious about her that I couldn’t help but be curious about her.

♦H-scene ♦

Doki-Doki in-school situations. From a little play on the rooftop to the end in the infirmary.

Do whatever you want in the house. At home, they are more daring than usual. ……!

Cuckold & video shooting. I can’t do anything but watch that girl get fucked as she pleases. ……!

♦There are such H situations.

♦Hidden play in the infirmary: other students come to the infirmary and play with you. …………

Play in the bathtub at home.

Shame play: a student makes a girl masturbate in front of him.

Blowjob on the roof of the school

A girl gets a titty-fucking in the infirmary!

Cuckold video event!

Special Points

Full voice in all parts!

Heroine is quiet but aggressive when it comes to sex.

Mystery that will be solved as you get to know her.

All the sex scenes can be recalled!

♦Character Introduction

Ms. Hikawa (voice: Paco Shirakawa)

Quiet and lives alone on the rooftop.

Installation Save Data

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After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Hikawasan no himitsu RJ01137205” and use it.

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