Kousentai pikarenjaa~ ochita futari no pink~ RJ01137732 Save Data

Kousentai pikarenjaa~ ochita futari no pink~ RJ01137732 Save Data


The two heroines of the Justice Squadron who fight evil are targeted not only by the monster army, but also by the media, sponsors, government forces, and even their own friends…!


This is a command-selection type adventure game.
Two women fighting for justice will suffer terrible things in a variety of situations.
This game is recommended for those who enjoy scenes in which strong women are humiliated or humiliated in public (some NTR elements are also included).
Most of the sex scenes are prepared for two heroines, so you will enjoy it twice as much.
One is a beautiful girl with a pure and righteous heart and the other is a strong-willed and beautiful female commander. Which one is your favorite heroine?

More than 85 CGs (excluding differences, standing pictures, etc.)
17 endings


Japan is threatened by the sudden appearance of a neo-ape (ape-man) army.
The government forces are struggling against the apes, who kidnap young women and use them as livestock for sex.
Then, the “Hikari Sentai Pika Rangers” stood up.
They were the hope and heroes of the people with their special power to fight against the apes.
Especially, Pika Pink, the reddest of the Pika Rangers, was popular among men and was idolized by the mass media, but her true identity was a mystery.
Will the Pika Rangers be able to exterminate the apes and restore peace?

H scene

The hostages are taken, and a strip show is put on live TV.
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