Netorare community sawari osananajimi ikusei keikaku RJ01137989 Save Data

Netorare community sawari osananajimi ikusei keikaku RJ01137989 Save Data



Haru, who is extremely shy, is asked to go on stage at a cultural festival to overcome her communal shyness. Her childhood friend Akio trains her physically and mentally, but at the same time, many men find her attractive and sexually harass her in various ways. Will Hal and Akio progress from their childhood friendship, or will they be torn apart by the men in between, and will she be able to overcome her communicable disease? …… All depends on your choice!

Character Introduction


She is a beautiful girl with a great style, but she is extremely shy and has never been popular because she is always hiding her presence. Her childhood friend Akio and she are more than friends and less than lovers. She is shy, but she is eager to be praised by everyone, and fantasizes about becoming an idol before going to bed.


Hal’s classmate. He is a cheerful, flirtatious guy, but he is not afraid to use any means to achieve his goals. His hobby is karaoke.


Hal’s homeroom teacher. He is a large man with a forceful personality, and is avoided by female students. He has hidden cameras at the school.


The manager of Hal’s part-time job. For some reason, he hires Hal, who couldn’t answer any questions during the interview.

The game has parameters such as likability, idleness, lewdness, and sexual desire, and adjusting these parameters will cause events to occur or branch off. The likability is the degree of liking for Akio, and when this is raised, the “Play” command can be used to progress events and become a lover. Raising the Idol level makes it easier to be noticed by others and to be sexually harassed. Raising the degree of lewdness will cause a special event, and you will not be able to act with Hal on that day. Note that sexual desire basically increases every turn.

You can adjust the parameters by presenting Hal with items. However, be aware that you need a part-time job to purchase items, and depending on the timing, you may be cuckolded.

The status screen changes for each character and each parameter.

Special events caused by the increase of the lewdness level include “special training” such as a woman who looks just like Hal (?) appearing on a video-sharing website. In the special events that occur as a result of increasing the lewdness level, you can see scenes that cannot be seen in the normal commands such as “training,” “play,” and “part-time job.

Installation Save Data

How To Insert Data ?
After unzipping, please overwrite the relevant data with the file of the same name in the folder where you installed “Netorare community sawari osananajimi ikusei keikaku RJ01137989” and use it.

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